On Tuesday 18 October, 2022, Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust was presented with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Anglia in Bloom “Neighbourhood Award, Level 5, Outstanding” (its highest level award) for the Trust’s contribution to the community of Frinton by David Foster, Chair of Frinton in Bloom.
Seen here is the team of Trust volunteers who maintain Crossing Cottage and its garden so that members of both the Trust and the public can enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden on a Tuesday morning. During the winter months, from October to Easter, the gardens are open on the third Tuesday of every month from 10 a.m. to 12 noon for tea, coffee and biscuits. Also local history books and cards are for sale, as well as plants and home-made preserves.



There was a realistic expectation that with the last two sales of the year, namely, the Bric-a-Brac sale in August [£973], and the Apple day in October [£1273], added together with our previous garden events, that we could potentially top the £5000 mark! And we have, thanks to all our members and supporters.
This year, we have been reasonably blessed with fair weather conditions at our garden events, which means more people visit, people stay longer and chat to their friends, and hopefully, spend more money.
I wish to mention a few of our supporters by name because of their supreme contribution to our overall total: Ann Layzell, who baked and donated several cream and jam sponges and Terence Towns, who contributed an immense array of sweet and savoury items to the cake stall. Just these two people alone boosted the Apple Day total by over £50. Even more poignant is that Terence bakes and donates items to the Trust in memory of his dear friend, Mary Dean, who was in turn, a staunch Trust member and archivist. Last, but not least, I must mention Rachel Baldwin, whose jams and marmalades boost our annual sales by over £1000! NB: Let Rachel know if you have any spare fruit that she can use.
And as it is called Apple Day, we would have been a little scuppered without the extra donations of apples and pears from Brian Jennings’ and Rachel Baldwin’s small holding, for which we are really grateful.
However, this is not to detract from our other contributors, who make it all worthwhile, and hopefully, fun! And the visitors, who turn up at all the functions and spend their money and chat and socialise with their friends.
SO, accept my thanks for all your wonderful efforts, and please store away any good quality Bric-a-Brac, jewellery, toiletries, bottles, etc for next year, when we can do it all again! CONTACT Ann Gladwell 01255 852914
PS A good idea from one member is to send out reminders of any Garden events to all contacts in their own personal email list; a simple idea, but, I’m guessing, a VERY effective way to spread information, and something we can all do.

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Calling all Volunteers                              Test

The Trust would like to invite all volunteers (past and present) to come and have tea and cake in the cottage garden as a thank you. If you have ever done steward duty at the Walton Maritime Museum, served as crew on James Stevens No.14, helped in the garden pulling the odd weed, stood tea duty on a Tuesday morning in the cottage or at the evening social, delivered the newsletter, helped with the May and October Fayres, this means YOU.

If you are new to the area or now have more time on your hands, come along and see what the Trust does and maybe you will feel tempted to have a go.

As a registered charity, Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust success depends upon the dedication and enthusiasm of its membership, as well as the generosity of the wider public.  Volunteers are always needed to keep the Trust  functioning.
Any of your time and experience would be appreciated:-
coffee mornings; maintaining the garden; archives; talks and walks; Railway and Maritime Museum
Crewing and skippering the James Stevens No.14; Organising events; administration
just being there...........
Details of our regular fundraising and social events can be found on our events page; if you would like to pledge a donation directly please let us know. We also welcome membership requests, visitor feedback and are particularly keen to hear if you have something that may be of interest for our archives/collections.
Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust is extremely grateful to all who have contributed, by whatever means, to its success over the past 35 years. Only with your support can the Trust continue to protect local heritage for the enjoyment of present and future generations.