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James Stevens No. 14  historic lifeboat is currently out of the water awaiting repairs and all bookings are suspended for the time being for scattering of ashes 

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Each person has their own unique way of saying goodbye to a friend or family member, the scattering ceremony is a very personal process. 
When someone special passes away many people of varying faiths, sailors or mariners wish to have their ashes scattered at sea. It offers an environment where you are totally surrounded by the sea and the waters will disperse the ashes. 
You can charter James Stevens No. 14 to take you and your party of up to 12, to have private time in local waters for the ash scattering. The Skipper sets a course to a suitable location off the North Essex coast and then the engines will be switched off with the boat drifting silently on the tide whilst you conduct your ceremony. 
The boat operates between May and October. Weather conditions might affect when you can conduct the scattering. Costs are James Stevens No. 14 hourly rate with a minimum of 2 hours. 
Please contact Frinton and Walton Heritage Trust 07836 340315 or 01255 861440, 
or through your funeral director who will be happy to assist. 
Please note that The Environment Agency insists that nothing other than the ashes are deposited in the sea. Personal items and wreaths might contain plastic and metal parts, which can cause litter and harm wildlife. They must not be put into the water or left on the riverbank where they could be washed into the water. Flowers and wreaths consisting of materials that are readily decomposable in the marine environment may be used. 
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