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Frinton-on-Sea: A Brief History and Guide 
Printed 2016 ISBN 978-0-9567944-1-3 
The History Group of Frinton & Walton Heritage Trust became aware of a need not only for a concise history of the town but also a guide for visitors and residents alike. This new publication tells the story of Frinton from its early beginnings as well as how the present appearance of the town came about, thus setting in context the ‘old and the new’ in one publication. 
This hardback book of 68 pages includes pencil sketches by local artists, together with sketch maps of the area and town and is priced at £9.95. Postage and Packing is £2.50 (UK only) 
An order form can also be downloaded here. 
Postcards from . . . Walton-on-the-Naze 
Printed 2011 ISBN 978-0-9567944-0-6 126 pages 115 images 
Includes 15 Maps and a history of Walton 
The images are from old postcards has been designed as both a history of Walton and a walking book, depicting the town during the prime period of picture postcards from 1880 to the present day. 
The price of the book is £14.95 which includes £1 donation towards Walton's All Saints Parish Church Restoration Fund for the refurbishment of the Church Tower. 
Postage and Packing is £2.50 (UK only) 
Order form can be downloaded here 
SPECIAL OFFER £20 save £4.90 
Must be bought together Post and Packing £4 
These books are available at The Cottage on Tuesday mornings when thry recommence. 
You can also purchase the book from Caxton Bookshop in Connaught Avenue but without member’s discount. 
The Story of Holland-on-Sea during the Second World War 
author Roger Kennell 
Book Price. £5.50 
Postage and Packing £2.50 
Category: books 
Holland on Sea A Record of the 20th Century 
author Roger Kennell 
Book Price £7.99 
Postage and packing. £3.00 
Category: books 
Seaside Front Line (Revised Edition) A Diary of Events and Incidents at Walton, Kirby and Great Holland 1930-45 
author Geoff Rayner 
Book Price £9.99 
Postage and Packing. £3.00 
Category: books 
Radio Caroline and The True Story of the Boat that Rocked 
author Ray Clark 
Book Price. £15.00 
postage and packing. £4.00 
Category: books 
Clacton on Sea and Riggs’s Retreat 
The enterprising story of John Riggs and his venue for the excursionist in the growing new resort and town of Clacton on Sea 
Compiled by Roger Kennell Clacton VCH Group 
Book Price. £5.50 
Postage and Packing. £2.00 
Category: books 
Walton 1880 – 1867 (2001) and Walton-on-the-Naze AND the Coast Development Corporation 1897-1915 (2003) 
author Peter B. Boyden 
Full Book price £4.50 and £4.95 
Special Price: £4 for both books 
post and packing £4 
Category: books 
Coastal Essex 
Category: Memorabilia 
James Stevens Mugs 
£3 available at The Cottage Coffee Morning 
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