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08 April 2012 'The Gates'
Although not a resident of Frinton, my late parents moved to Rainham Way in 1980, having made several friends there already & lived happily until their passing in 1992 & 1999. I was deeply saddened at the loss of the historic gates but am so glad that they have now been returned to Frinton & not scrapped or sold off to some 'collector'. I visit the area on occassions throughout the year & look forward to calling at Frinton to see the gates again.
Norman Denchfield
16 February 2011 Cleaning The Gate House Chimney
Jack Bright - The crossing keeper for many years had a very simple but effective method of sweeping the chimneys at Gate House. This consisted of pushing a paraffin soaked rag up the chimney and applying a match. The resulting pall of black smoke and sparks belching from the chimney had anxious spectators wondering when the Fire Brigade would arrive. Fortunately this was never necessary but Jack always gave ample notice to his wife of his intention to "sweep" the chimneys and thus ensure that she had no laundry pegged out to dry on the washing line.
Trevor Bright