Recently (April 2014) the levers in the Frinton Signalbox have been restored and painted to be as they would have been pre 1974 which is when the box at Frinton was turned into a gate box.

Once the restoration of the levers was complete we were lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of Geoff Griggs - an ex signalman who had worked at Frinton, Kirby and Clacton. Geoff was kind enough to write down for us the procedures that a signalman at Frinton would have carried out for various scenarios.

Taking these procedures it was decided to see whether it would be possible to write a computer simulation of the working of the Frinton Signalbox.



If you would like to see a simulation of what would happen in the Frinton Signalbox when a down (from Kirby) passenger train passed through Frinton then please Click Here.